• M19034 - Wireless Joystick for Arduino Robot Car with nRF24L01+


    Robotic vehicle movement and Arm control through hand gestures using arduino is an assistive robot system for user-friendly support, hospital operations, and hazardous environment and to increase the autonomy of physically impaired people. It is a kind of functional replacement hand integrated with the moving vehicle that aids the amputees often suffers from physical difficulties. The prime aim of this system is to make it feasible to interact with the robot through the recognition of hand gestures for the physically challenged people. This is an electro-mechanical system in which the robotic arm can be controlled by a simple inertial navigation sensor called accelerometer. Similarly the soft catching gripper connected to the robotic arm can be controlled by flex sensor. The gesture commands measured by the accelerometer and flex sensor are processed by the arduino controller. The arduino controller is used in both the transmitter and receiver circuits, it responds based on the input given through the hand gestures. The signals get transmitted and received by advanced wireless nRF communication system. The robotic vehicle can move in all possible four directions (forward, backward, right and left). The different operations performed by the robotic arm are picking and placing the objects from one location to another location. For the controlling of the motor, motor driver IC and arduino controller is used. This system provides more natural and convenient ways to express their intentions and interactions with the environment.

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