• M19013 - Theft Control, Accident Detection & Vehicle Positioning System


    This system makes use of an embedded chip that has an inductive proximity sensor, which senses the key during insertion. This is followed by the system present in the car asking the user to enter a unique password. The password consists of few characters and the car key number. The system sends a text message to the owner’s mobile stating that the car is being accessed. If the user fails to enter the correct password in three trials, a text message is sent to the owner and police with the vehicle number about the unauthorized usage and the location tracked using a GPS, GSM module.

    Apart from this if your car is stolen, a password like SMS is sent by the owner, it automatically stops the car. One more application of this project is that it is use for early accident detection. It can automatically detect traffic accidents using accelerometers along with other sensors and immediately notify owner, police station & two more contacts saved in that along with vehicle number & location of that place


    This project can be used to control the thefting of vehicles, track the thefted vehicles and finding the location of vehicle and also implement the scene of accident alarm system. In this we are trying to program a GPS/GSM module incorporating an accelerometer to report occurrences of accident automatically via the GSM communication platform (using SMS messaging) to the nearest agencies such as hospitals, police stations, fire services and so on, giving the exact position of the point where the crash had occurred.

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