• M19028 - Solar-Powered LED-Based Lighting over IoT


    Aim of this project is to illustrate and describe the trend of last technological innovations and new IoT-based devices employed in solar-powered LED-based lighting systems, in order to obtain energy savings, low maintenance costs and to offer additional services to the users or community. Technological developments, in the last years, have allowed the use of LEDs technology in many general illumination applications, from houses to commercial or outdoor spaces. LED lighting is projected to reduce related energy consumption of 15% in 2020 up to 40% in 2030; in this contest, solar powered LED lighting facilities offer a significant contribution to obtain energy savings, together with substantial environmental and health benefits. Last innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics have the potential to strongly increase the electrical power obtained from solar panels for feeding any portable device. Furthermore, the spread of Internet of Things (IoT) and the huge use of smartphones and related apps allow wireless to control and drive the LED based lighting systems, that also can be provided with integrated sensors thus realizing new functionalities, an improved management of energy and new services for smart cities. Finally, systems made up of connected lighting devices could become data collection platforms that, making use of renewable energies, enable even greater energy savings referred to lighting and in general electrical facilities present in smart buildings or cities.

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