• M19038 - Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick for Visually Impaired


    White stick with the ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor and various other equipped technologies (Arduino IC, sensors etc.) is the boon for blind people. The application of ultrasonic ranging scheme along with location tracing (GPS Module) for producing electronic walking stick with improved features for the blinds is a technological advancement. Visually impaired people use their senses like touch or sound for walking in a particular area, which is not possible for outdoor walking. To overcome a these problems of blind people, need to develop a project by using simple available technologies. This walking stick for blind people which have multiple sensors, (Ultrasonic and IR) with the help of sensors it has possible to enhance more features to the walking stick. The features are to detect the obstacle for collision avoidance, it detects the object in all the possible direction from the subject. The other sensor placed near bottom tip of the walking cane to find the pits on the ground. The output of these sensors are taken with Voice record in the different tracks; respond for different sensors to give the audio message to the blind person by the speaker to alert. In this project, sensors plays key role to detect the objects and with the use of GSM Module safety is also concerned.

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