• M19011 - Monitoring and Detecting Vehicle Based On Accelerometer and MEMS Using GSM and GPS Technologies


    In this paper we are proposing a system to removing the delay between accident incidence and primarily responder dispatch is to use in vehicle Automatic accident detection notification methods. The sense when a traffic accident is probable to occur and immediately notifies emergency situation occurred. Global positioning system technology this article designs and recognizes one kind of embedded wireless system location application using arm7 from the hardware and software. Here in terms of hardware completed the design and connection of arm embedded systems, testing modules, GPS module and the GSM module. Main aim of this paper is to find out the accident using accelerometer and spot at any location and intimating to ambulance through GSM. It provides the following contribution to detecting traffic accidents.


    In this modern, fast moving and insecure world, it become elementary need to be aware of one’s safety. Maximum risks occur in situations where in an employee travels for money relations. The Company to which he belongs should be aware if there is some difficult. If the person traveling can be tracked and also secured in the case of an emergency. Here’s a system that functions as a tracking and a security system. It’s the intelligent vehicle control for critical remote location application. This system can deal with both pace and security.

    The GPS antenna present in the GPS module receives the information from the GPS satellite in NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) format and thus it reveals the position information. The evidence got from the GPS antenna has to be sent to the Base station wherein it is decoded. We use GSM module which has an antenna. We have at the Base station; the complete data about the vehicle. When auto crash occurs suddenly, the reaction of the emergency services now becomes race between life and death. In this we are trying to program a GPS and GSM module incorporating an accelerometer to report occurrences of accidents via GSM communication platform to the nearest agencies such as hospitals, police stations, and fire services and so on, giving the exact position of the point where crash has occurred.

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