• M19035 - Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller


    Robotics applications are being widely used in industries now-a-days. Wireless robotic applications are built to reduce much of the human efforts. Metal detector robot works on the same wireless communication platform for detection of metals in sensitive areas such as mines and war fields. The system works on microcontroller and RF modules for wireless communication. It can sense metallic objects with the help of metal circuit mounted on the robot. At the transmitting end, user can operate the robot movement using push buttons interfaced. The commands from transmitting end are being wirelessly received by received end which is mounted on the robot body. RF transmitters and receiver modules have sufficient range for metal detecting purpose at mine locations. It has around 100 meters in uninterrupted communications path, and 60 meters with interrupted path. A metal detector circuit working is based on special purposed IC for metal detection circuits. Robot movements are being carried out by Dc motor drivers.

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