• M19033 - Hand Gesture Using Ultrasound


    Recently Gesture controlled Laptops or computers are getting very famous. This technique is called Leap motion which enables us to control certain functions on our computer/Laptop by simply waving our hand in front of it. It is very cool and fun to do it, but these laptops are really priced very high. So in this project let us try building our own Gesture control Laptop/Computer by combining the Power of Arduino and Python.

    The concept behind the project is very simple. We will place two Ultrasonic (US) sensors on top of our monitor and will read the distance between the monitor and our hand using Arduino, based on this value of distance we will perform certain actions. To perform actions on our computer we use Python pyautogui library. The commands from Arduino are sent to the computer through serial port (USB). This data will be then read by python which is running on the computer and based on the read data an action will be performed.


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