• M19016 - GSM Based Motor Control for Irrigation System


    Agriculture is a subsistence of majority Indians and has great effect on the economy of the country. In a country like India, where climatic conditions change sustainably and irrigation facilities are poor. The main source for irrigation process is ground water. Nowadays ground water level is reduced drastically. In order to compensate this problem farmers are using both well and bore well to utilize ground water. This paper describes the automatic control of motor pumps by checking the level of well and bore well as a source forirrigation process. It prevents motor from dry running, single phasing and over loading. This paper presents the controlling and monitoring the level in well and bore well using GSM network. Level sensor is used to check the level in well and bore well. After checking the level controller sends the information to the user, depends on the level in the both well and bore well the user sends the message to the controller to turn on/off the motor by using GSM network.

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