• M19018 - Design and Development of Board Cleaning System


    This technique was selected by us by taking into consideration some comfort for Teachers while cleaning the blackboard. It is seen that while doing this they often have to cover their mouth with one hand while cleaning the blackboard by the other. By thinking over it we realized that we can really do something for them. So we decided to implement our course study and some extra knowledge and with the help of electrical and mechanical concept, our project came into the picture. The project Design and Development of Board Cleaning System can clean the blackboard and whiteboard automatically with rack and pinion mechanism and reduces the time consumed in hand erasing. This project basically works on combined principles of mechanical and electronics. The growth of technologies requested higher performance machine in order to fulfil human needs and market. This project is implemented to make human work easier and can reduce the use of human power because of its potential applications. This appertains to new and useful improvements and more particularly to an apparatus whereby blackboards and whiteboard can be cleaned in an easy and convenient manner.


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