• M19026 - Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Room Light Control & Gas Detection

    We know, a major part of our electricity is being wasted due to our incognizance. After leaving the room the fans, lights etc. remain on unnecessarily. The main object of this project is to minimize the wastage of electricity. The other objective of this project is to detect the gas or smoke level in kitchen room and take necessary action to protect firing. When a person enters into the room, the load will get power and can be run by their switches. The counter circuit can count the number of persons staying in the room. If a person enters into the room the counter will be incremented and if a person leaves the room the counter will be decremented. After the last person leaving the room the value of the counter will be zero and the load will be disconnected from the power. The gas sensor always senses the gas or smoke level in the kitchen room. If the level of gas/smoke is above a predefined threshold, it will give an alarm sound. Moreover, if there is no person in the room the power main switch will be automatically OFF. But if there is someone inside the room it will only give the alarm so that the person can take necessary action. Arduino board has been used in this project as a control circuit. Two laser diodes and two photodiodes work as person counter and a gas sensor unit have been used. The project has been completed and tested. It works properly and its performance is satisfactory.

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