• M19004 - Automatic Railway Gate


    In everywhere at level crossing between railroad and highway there are so many railway accidents happening due to the carelessness in manual operations or lack of workers. So, this paper describes the automatic railway gate control system using PIC microcontroller for saving precious human lives and preventing major disasters in railway track. Railway gate may be saved for the road users to prevent accidents in terms of train speed at level crossing. This system divide into two parts. The first part is concern on the hardware development where all electronic components have included. IR sensors, inductive sensors are the input components while buzzer, light indicator, DC motor and LCD display are the output components. These are controlled by the controller circuit. The microcontroller forms the main unit of the system. It receives input signal from the sensors and sends information to the gate motor driver for opening and closing the gate. Besides, the input signal will active LCD display and alarm and indication light circuit was provided as additional part of this system. The first inductive sensor and IR sensor are fixed at a certain distance from the gate and the second sensors are fixed at the same certain distance after the gate. The gate is closed, when the train crosses the first IR sensor and the gate is opened, when the train crosses the second IR sensor. This system deals about one of the efficient methods to avoid train accidents. The second part is based on software programming to operate the hardware structure.

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