• M19017 - Android Based Digital Locking & Unlocking System


    Smart digital automated system plays a major role which helps in reducing a work by using some Technologies to control the various residence’s automation systems. The most popular controllers are basically connected to a Windows based PC. In our research we presented a part of smart phone locking and unlocking technology which uses Wi-Fi technology in a mobile device, so it will more easy and efficient to use. It also based on Android platform which are free open source software. In this paper, a system called digital locking/unlocking automation system using Wi-Fi-based Android Smartphone is proposed and implemented The proposed work is to send a signal to receiver from a Tablet or mobile devices by using Wi-Fi system. This allows the user to lock and unlock a any system or appliances from inside or outside a house with a Wi-Fi range available. The main purpose of the work is, if the door is not locked , the user from near by Wi-Fi range can lock the door from his/her smart phone, which will saves person energy & save time. First the introduction of various locking system has presented ,then followed by there is literature survey of some different locking system, then the design of hardware and software is presented followed by conclusion and future scope of the proposed system

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