Projects in Arduino

S.NoTitleFilesPrice (₹)
M19039 A Smart Stick for Assisting Blind People 291.4 KB 1,900.00
M19038 Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick for Visually Impaired 822.3 KB 3,600.00
M19037 Mobile Phone Signal Detector 518.0 KB 900.00
M19036 Microcontroller – based PI metal detector 2.1 MB 2,000.00
M19035 Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller 794.2 KB 6,000.00
M19034 Wireless Joystick for Arduino Robot Car with nRF24L01+ 764.1 KB 3,800.00
M19033 Hand Gesture Using Ultrasound 382.8 KB 1,900.00
M19031 Weather Monitoring Station 359.2 KB 6,000.00
M19030 Smart Human Body Monitoring and Management Using IoT 464.5 KB 8,000.00
M19029 Wearable Breathing Sound Monitoring System for Wheeze Detection 494.2 KB 7,500.00
M19028 Solar-Powered LED-Based Lighting over IoT 849.7 KB 4,000.00
M19027 Smart Solar-Powered LED Outdoor Lighting System Based on the Energy Storage Level in Batteries 2.2 MB 3,700.00
M19026 Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Room Light Control & Gas Detection 1.3 MB 2,800.00
M19024 Air Cooler with Automatic Control of Water Level and Speed 273.8 KB 6,800.00
M19023 Intelligent Bio-Detector 1.6 MB 7,500.00
M19021 Automatic Plant Watering System 782.2 KB 2,200.00
M19019 Automatic Street Light Control System 555.1 KB 1,800.00
M19018 Design and Development of Board Cleaning System 368.0 KB 6,500.00
M19017 Android Based Digital Locking & Unlocking System 905.8 KB 5,500.00
M19016 GSM Based Motor Control for Irrigation System 131.1 KB 3,500.00
M19015 GSM Based Device Control For Home Appliance 32.3 KB 3,000.00
M19014 GSM Based Agriculture Motor Control 962.2 KB 2,800.00
M19013 Theft Control, Accident Detection & Vehicle Positioning System 630.8 KB 5,500.00
M19012 Microcontroller-based under and over voltage protection device 411.7 KB 1,800.00
M19011 Monitoring and Detecting Vehicle Based On Accelerometer and MEMS Using GSM and GPS Technologies 791.2 KB 3,500.00