• Embedded Development

    Embedded Development

    PEAS Technologies is a leading provider of embedded systems development services. Combining creativity and technical expertise, PEAS offers state-of-the-art embedded solutions to various industry segments. The company relies heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable Embedded Hardware and Software solutions.

    Embedded System Development

    PEAS offers a diversified range of services in the domain of embedded product design. Our excellence in Hardware & Software provides our customers a valuable partner to address their challenging design needs. These solutions would typically involved various hardware and software subsystems with strong domain knowledge on how to integrated these into main systems. Our engineers are equipped with relevant knowledge and expertise to deliver parts of your design requirement, or the complete solution and implementation.

    PEAS’ design engineers provide concept to production expertise; including but not limited to:

    1. Detailed functional specifications and test procedures.
    2. Design for visibility, integration & test methodology.
    3. Focus on optimization and performance characterization.
    4. Comprehensive onsite training, support, maintenance & design transfers.

    Embedded Software Development

    One of our core experiences has been in the development of customized software solutions for embedded systems. With excellent team, expertize and tools infrastructure, PEAS offers services across all the layers of software required to built complete solutions around chipsets/platforms.
    Following is list of design areas we are capable of executing:

    1. Embedded Software Application Design and Development
    2. Device Driver
    3. Firmware
    4. Networking Protocols
    5. BSP, boot loader and diagonistic monitor programs
    6. Software Testing
    7. Block Box Testing, White Box Testing
    8. Modularity Testing